Frozen Edelweiß

Junkers Ju 88 from KG 51 “Edelweiß”

Frozen Junkers Ju 88 from KG 51 “Edelweiß”

The weatherguessers are predicting a “wintry mix” tomorrow morning with the best chances of snow and sleet to the West and Northwest of us.  Probably.

When I head out to my truck to head to work tomorrow morning, I fully expect it to look like this Ju 88 from KG 51 “Edelweiß” possibly taken in the Ukraine, 1941.

76 years ago today over England


Pattern of condensation trails left by British and German aircraft after a dog fight over Britain, 18 Sep 1940 ww2dbase

70 German Ju 88 bombers escorted by 100 Bf 109 fighters crossed the English Channel at noon and were intercepted by British fighters of No. 11 Group RAF; 60 of the bombers would reach London, England, United Kingdom and drop their bombs. At 1600 hours, 200 bombers in multiple waves attacked targets in Kent in southern England; they were engaged by fighters of No. 11 and No. 12 Groups and suffered 23 bombers and 10 fighters lost, but they were able to shoot down 12 British fighters in exchange. Overnight, London was bombed by several waves of bombers; Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, and other cities were also attacked.

via ww2db