Russian M1870 Galand Revolver


The Galand was an innovative revolver design created by Frenchman Charles Francois Galand and patented in 1868. It is most notable for using a long lever system to eject cartridges by throwing the cylinder and a separate cartridge retention plate forward. It was also one of the early adopters of centerfire ammunition (a .45 caliber cartridge with an unusually thick rim, specifically).

In addition to being licensed for production in England, Belgium, and France, the Galand was adopted in 1870 by the Imperial Russian Navy, and several thousand (including this example) purchased by them. Some were made by the Nagant brothers in Liege, and some by the Tula factory in Russia.

Napoleonic musketry drill of Szekler border guard infantry

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The Szeklers, or Székelys were and are Hungarians who live in Transylvania. They played in important part in the border guard system of the Habsburg monarchy and Hungary. During the French and Napoleonic wars they were used widely as light troops. They were rough people, tough fighters. Here is the demonstration of their musketry drill according to the 1806-1807 regulations.