Ethiopians in the Korean War: WWII gear used


Sixteen nations sent forces to fight in the Korean War on the allied side. One of the lesser-known contingents was Ethiopia’s Kagnew battalion. It was equipped almost entirely with surplus American WWII gear.


(WWII-era Willys jeep of the Kagnew battalion in Korea.)


(Ethiopian soldiers in the Korean War. All of their kit – M1 steel pot helmet, OD green fatigues, web belt, M1911 sidearm – is WWII American gear.)

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Caucasian horsemen and their rare bolt-guns

Here we see a group of of the 2nd General Krukovskii’s Mountain-Mozdok Regiment of the Terek Cossacks, with their distinctive Cossack model Mosin-Nagant Model 91s. The Cossacks were organized…

Source: Caucasian horsemen and their rare bolt-guns