I think I took the red pill


My beaming bride asked me to order a couple of things she needed off Amazon and somehow these just showed up in my cart.  I know, crazy, right?



I’m always ready for a new reference book. Preferably one with lots of pictures.

I mentioned in another post I’m thinking of getting back into modelling.  Let me rephrase that.  I’m thinking about getting back into building plastic models.  I’ve still got some of the tooling I used back then but I know I’ll need some new files, sandpaper and a small saw for sure.  Then there’s the dilemma of an airbrush.  I’ve already got a compressor I can use but I need a decent, inexpensive airbrush rig so I’ll be researching those in the near future.

At least I’ll have something to read while finding out how deep the rabbit hole goes.  And that doesn’t include the books I’d like on the T-60 or Russian artillery tractors like the very dieselpunk looking Komintern artillery tractor.


Make my funk the P-Funk and my punk the Dieselpunk!  (Although Steampunk is nice…)

Komintern line drawing 2