Mask up!

Our CEO is flying in for a site visit and meeting today and we all have to wear masks even though we’re all spread out in a warehouse because of corporate rules for offices.

Gun crew with gas masks aboard HMS Broke

I suggested Iron Man or luchadore masks but got shot down with a quickness. Everyone thought the idea had merit though…

What’cha doin’ today?

A U.S. Navy Vought OS2U Kingfisher floatplane of Observation Squadron 1 (VO-1) being recovered by the battleship USS Arizona (BB-39), after a flight in the Hawaiian Operating area on the morning of 6 September 1941. The pilot, Ensign Lawrence A. Williams, is holding the belt of his rear-seat man, Radioman 3rd Class G.H. Lane, who is hooking up the aircraft to the ship’s crane for recovery.

Oh, just hanging around…

Mr Thompson and the man from MARS

Clyde Covault of US 5332nd Brigade (Provisional) cleaning his Thompson submachine gun, Camp Landis, Kachin, northern Burma, Dec 1944

The MARS Task Force was the second American LRPG (Long Range Penetration Group), activated just weeks before the first American LRPG aka 5307th Composite Unit (Provisional) aka GALAHAD aka Merrill’s Marauders was deactivated after having been almost completely used up in roughly 4-5 months of fighting in Burma.

MARS Task Force fought in Burma until March 1945 when their area of operation was deemed clear and they were moved to China to help train Chinese troops.

MARS also produced the only ground action CMOH in the C-B-I which also happened to be the only one given to a WWII special operations soldier: 1LT Jack L. Knight