Looking to the future

We’ve made it to the end of another year! Surprisingly I can’t think of anything witty or pithy to mark the occasion (probably not enough coffee yet), so how about a ship which started as a humble servant but was transformed into the first of its kind for the US Navy?

Collier USS Jupiter at Mare Island, California, United States, 16 Oct 1913

What a difference 9 years, including ~2 years under conversion, and a name change makes!

The now USS Langley being converted to an aircraft carrier at Norfolk Naval Shipyard, 1921
USS Langley (CV-1) Nov 1924

Everyone be safe and have a Happy New Year!

Woodcraft Turn for Troops 06-07NOV

Turn for Troops: Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Turn for Troops? 
    Turn for Troops is a national initiative started by Woodcraft in 2004 in an effort to bolster the spirits of active duty and rehabilitating military service members. Woodcraft stores across the country host turning events over Veterans Day weekend to assist volunteers in handcrafting wooden writing pens, which are then sent to the troops with personal notes from the turners.  

Hopefully my work commitment this weekend gets cut short and I can get up to the local store on Sunday to get at least one pen turned. I’ll turn more if there’s time and they let me…