Drive it like you stole it! – Герцоги Хаззарда Edition

BT-7 radio tank in air

BT-7-1 (I think) possibly being driven by Evel Knievel

Will Commissar Hoggovitch and Senior Lieutenant of State Security Rosco P. Coltranesky ever catch those Dukeshvilii boys?


German armor going back to the future?

I saw this on laststandonzombieisland: Germany ups tiny tank force by 40 percent

A quote from one of the sources piqued my not-quite-right sense of humor:

All told, the Bundeswehr stands to get 104 used Leopard 2 battle tanks out of storage that manufacturer Krauss-Maffei Wegmann will upgrade under a contract with the German Defence Ministry from the A4 configuration to the newest A7V standard.

Newest A7V standard?  Like this?


I know, it’s a goofball sense of humor…