I think I took the red pill


My beaming bride asked me to order a couple of things she needed off Amazon and somehow these just showed up in my cart.  I know, crazy, right?



I’m always ready for a new reference book. Preferably one with lots of pictures.

I mentioned in another post I’m thinking of getting back into modelling.  Let me rephrase that.  I’m thinking about getting back into building plastic models.  I’ve still got some of the tooling I used back then but I know I’ll need some new files, sandpaper and a small saw for sure.  Then there’s the dilemma of an airbrush.  I’ve already got a compressor I can use but I need a decent, inexpensive airbrush rig so I’ll be researching those in the near future.

At least I’ll have something to read while finding out how deep the rabbit hole goes.  And that doesn’t include the books I’d like on the T-60 or Russian artillery tractors like the very dieselpunk looking Komintern artillery tractor.


Make my funk the P-Funk and my punk the Dieselpunk!  (Although Steampunk is nice…)

Komintern line drawing 2


Shoot and scoot – vecchia scuola edition

AS-42 of the 103rd Compagnie Arditi Camionettisti equipped with Breda Model 35 anti-aircraft gun in North Africa, March 1943

AS-42 of the 103rd Compagnie Arditi Camionettisti equipped with Breda Model 35 anti-aircraft gun in North Africa, March 1943

AS.42 Cannone da 47-32 M35

AS.42 Cannone da 47/32 M35

AS-42 on the Eastern Front

AS-42 on the Eastern Front

AS-42 North Africa

AS-42 North Africa “Italian – German resistance”

Bah, voi ragazzi e la vostra fantasia, armatura SP completamente armata e HMMWV armati! Perché indietro ai miei tempi …

I have a fascination with wheeled and half-track AFVs as well as SP artillery.   The more unusual the vehicle, the more I’m interested.  Here’s some basic reading on the AS.42:




I’m starting to feel the itch of a hobby I gave up almost 20 years ago.  I built models as a kid but gave them up after getting married.  I wasn’t that good at it, I didn’t have the time, 2 boys and 5 cats meant something was bound to get broken and I realized I always enjoyed the research more than the actual build.

Over the past couple of months I’ve been watching several different WWII documentary series  and a couple of weeks ago one of them showed this oddball Italian tractor/prime mover that looked vaguely familiar but I couldn’t place.  How did I know it was Italian?  I didn’t, but the giant wheels had me pretty sure it was.  I dug around the interwebs and determined it was a Pavesi P4 100 Mod. 30A:

Pavesi P4 100 Mod. 30A

Pavesi P4 100 Mod. 30A

Pavesi P4 100 Mod. 30A towing 88mm Flak

Pavesi P4 100 Mod. 30A towing 88mm Flak

They even made a later version with pneumatic tires (steel wheels with folding spikes for traction was so 1920s):

Pavesi P4 100 Mod. 30A pneumatic tire version

Pavesi P4 100 Mod. 30A with pneumatic tires

Sorry, where was I?  Oh yeah, most of the pics I found were of models and I started feeling that old familiar tug so maybe there will be a model or two show up in the future.  Probably some kind of oddball AFV in 1/72….