Couzinet 70 “Arc en Ciel III”: Way Up High.

The 70 was the ultimate expression of René Couzinet’s incredibly beautiful Arc-en-Ciel (Rainbow) family. Powered by a trio of Hispano-Suiza 12 Nb engines, the third Arc-en-Ciel made its first flight on February 1932.

More here: Couzinet 70 “Arc en Ciel III”: Way Up High.

I NEED one of these!

Racing goggles and helmet not included…


Escacar Unicycle Gyroscopic Rocket Car

Carl H. Renner painted this “Escacar” for General Motors in 1945. The Escacar is described as a “Unicycle Gyroscopic Rocket Car.”

Like the painting of a commuter helicopter we looked at a few months ago, this image can be found in the Petersen Automotive Museum book, Driving Through Futures Past.



The Train of Tomorrow

 After taking delivery of the Train of Tomorrow from Pullman, General Motors sent the train on a 65,000-mile tour of the continent. Starting in Chicago, the train first took a shake-down and publicity cruise to French Lick, Indiana.

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After taking delivery of the Train of Tomorrow from… — Meccanica Mekaniikka Mecanică