“That’s not gone well” Thursday

“This is what it’s like when Tauben cry” edition

When Tauben cry

An Etrich Taube that has nosed over.  No idea of who, what, when, where or why but it doesn’t seem anyone is shying away from the camera….


Too much, too soon – the Bristol M.1C Monoplane


The Fokker scourge on the Western Front in the First World War had come and gone. The slaughter of the ‘innocents’ – principally the RFC’s ill-starred, over-stable, badly designed B.E.2 biplanes, in the ‘Fokker Scourge’- by the monoplane Fokker E.III Eindeckers, with their centrally-mounted, synchronized 7.92mm Spandau machine guns, had faded. The Royal Flying Corps needed better, faster ‘scouts’ as soon as possible, or it would cede the initiative to the German Luftstrietkraft permanently. Blind courage, as shown by the early British aviators, could only do so much. However, a possible solution was on the way.

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