The only kind of PBJ I like

I like peanut butter.  I like some jellies. I do not like peanut butter AND jelly.  Ergo, this is my idea of a good PBJ (technically a PBJ-1H I believe)


MTech Sgt Lloyd M Staggs cleans the bore of a 75mm cannon mounted in the nose of a PBJ-1 Mitchell of Marine Squadron VMB-613, Kwajalein, April 1945. Note also the six Browning M2 .50 cal machine guns. ww2dbase

How did the USN and USMC end up with USAAF B-25s?  Were they impressed enough after the Doolittle Raid to finagle their own (mostly) land based medium twins?  Nope, it had more to do with some inter-service give and take:

The PBJ had its origin in an inter-service agreement of mid-1942 between the Navy and the USAAF exchanging the Boeing Renton plant for the Kansas plant for B-29 Superfortress production. The Boeing XPBB Sea Ranger flying boat, competing for B-29 engines, was cancelled in exchange for part of the Kansas City Mitchell production. Other terms included the inter-service transfer of 50 B-25C and 152 B-25D to the Navy. The bombers carried Navy bureau numbers (BuNos), beginning with BuNo 34998.  PBJ-1 stood for Patrol (P) Bomber (B) built by North American Aviation (J), first variant (-1) under the existing American naval aircraft designation system of the era.

Thanks for the assist Mr Wikerpedia!

So there you have it, a PBJ I can enjoy!

3 thoughts on “The only kind of PBJ I like

    • I believe it! And being slightly offset to the left, there had to be some torque/yaw issues that just couldn’t be completely dampened.

      Thanks for the video, I’ve never tried to track down any footage. My guess is that was a training run? There doesn’t appear to be any return fire nor do I see any real evasive maneuvering.

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