USS Nashville CL43

Today we will bury my Grandfather who died 06SEP14 at 91. He served on the Nashville from 1943-1946. He was there when it was MacArthur’s flagship in Leyte Gulf

He was there for the kamikaze attack

He was there when the Nashville pulled into Shanghai after repairs in the US

While they were in for repairs, he went on a blind date with a girl from Oklahoma who was in Bremerton working for Western Union. That blind date turned into a 68 year marriage.

Sure am going to miss him…


3 thoughts on “USS Nashville CL43

  1. Hi,
    I am sorry for your loss. What was your grandfather’s name? I am the author of the book on the Nashville, “Humble Heroes, How The USS Nashville CL43 Fought WWII”. There is also a website, I can be reached at

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