Kondor D.VI: Not that easy.

The Dreamy Dodo

The Kondor Flugzeugwerke gmbH was an early German manufacturer, they built aircraft since 1912. Despite that it came quite late, and not too successfully, into the fighter aircraft business. It was in 1917,after the “de rigueur” triplane -and its biplane derivate-, that Kondor tried also the “de rigueur” Nieupot-ist sesquiplane formula in their petite D.I…with the usual failure in both. After that the company designed the D.II, a biplane based on that D.I but with a more robust two-spar lower wing. A fine machine in its own right but slow and with poor climb performance thanks, in part, to its meagre 110 hp Oberursel rotary engine. A derivate of the D.II, the D.VI was built as drastic attempt to improve the pilot field of view by removing the upper wing center section. Nobody envisaged the additional induced drag created by those new wingtips….that seriously compromised the already poor performance of…

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