Sopwith Pup: Seasoned Cubs.

The Dreamy Dodo

The Pup was based on an aircraft built by the Sopwith company for its famous test pilot, Harry Hawker. The result was one of the most loved British fighter of The Great War. Light and responsibe, the Pup had thanks to its generous wing surface a high rate of climb and superbe altitude performance…. a fighter pilot dream. It was not perfect though, being both low-powered and underarmed (just one MG agaisnt the usual two of their foes). First appeared over the front the fall of 1916 these neat Sopwith soldiered on there until Dec. 1917 when the more deadly Camels and S.E.5’s appeared in numbers.

Utterly “Michael Turner” artwork; awesome detail and genial composition design. the Pups are looking for 6 o’clock position…. a very convenient way to start a “scrap”.

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